About Us

About Amergin Consulting Limited

Amergin Consulting Limited is an independent, privately owned consulting firm dedicated to giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to add value to, and strengthen their financial position.

Our client portfolio consists of owner-managed businesses and small to medium sized companies of varying types. We represent industry sectors such as hotel and leisure, engineering, law, construction and property, financial services, information technology and healthcare.

Amergin delivers innovations that help clients across all industries quickly realise their vision. By leveraging our network of alliances and affiliates we are able to provide the best possible tools, technologies and capabilities. Amergin uses these resources as a catalyst, helping clients anticipate and gain value from business and technology change.

Our team of highly qualified specialists are equipped to give you balanced, independent, excellent advice across a broad spectrum of services and products. We are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Out team are committed to Continuous Professional Development. This ensures that we are equipped to keep you updated on changes which may have an impact on your financial position.

Amergin Business and Consultancy Services offers comprehensive business solutions to support managers in creating, maximizing, sustaining, and realizing value in their business.

We provide support in the appraisal, development and implementation of strategies to provide an integrated approach towards your business development and profit improvement.
We do that by facilitating you to complete an in-depth review of;

  • How your business uses all its resources.
  • How your business evolves and improves its processes and brings them together, so as to deliver on its strategic goals.
  • How your business releases its potential.

Our professional advisors have extensive experience in business development, sales and marketing, operations, project management, financial & taxation planning, banking and accounting. Our network of experienced professionals allows us to deliver the appropriate person/team to successfully tackle your precise identified needs.

Our fee structure includes hourly rates and commissions, all of which will be fully explained and agreed with you at the outset. An initial meeting will be free of charge.
In short, our innovative services provide you with the tools you need to profitably grow your business.


Peace of mind

You will have the comfort of knowing that the services you have chosen will comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and will be delivered on a timely basis and in a professional manner.

You will be able to access the full range of entrepreneurial business services and advice offered by Amergin Consulting Ltd.

The Outsourcing department is used to dealing with local and international issues and its philosophy is not only to provide an outsourcing function but also to add value to your business wherever possible.

We aim to work in partnership with our clients in order to achieve mutual goals.

Outsourcing your accounting and finance function can release the time and resource for building your business…

…Inward investment, start up, technology, and established businesses need the time and resources to concentrate on their core activities. We understand the pressures management are under and for this reason we have developed systems for taking away the burden of compliance chores leaving you to deal with core activities.

The outsourcing department is made up of a dedicated team of accounting professionals ready to take on the responsibility of being your ‘accounts department’.

Each business is unique and may require specific accounting solutions which we are able to provide.

If you are already established in Ireland you can choose from the following services:

  • Bookkeeping and reporting: We offer a dedicated bookkeeping service which will maintain and update records from data entry stage up to trial balance stage. We ensure that all areas of the profit and loss account and balance sheet are maintained to the highest standards.
  • Management Accounting: Each month we will present to you a Management report which will detail the performance of your business to date. This will provide you with the tools to aid in the decision making process.
  • Payroll administration: Our resources and expertise allow us to provide a professional outsourced payroll service.
  • Revenue returns: Our team of qualified professionals allows us to handle your monthly/ bi-monthly and yearly returns. This service covers VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax returns. We also have a significant experience in helping our clients prepare for revenue audits.
  • Cash flow forecasting & management: Our cash flow management system offers a comprehensive easy to understand picture of your current and future cash flows.
  • Other services:
    • Corporate Finance
    • Loan Consolidation
    • Benchmarking
    • Business Valuations

…or if you are contemplating setting up in Ireland we can also help with the following:

  • advice on structure
  • company formation
  • registered office
  • bank account
  • payroll (PAYE) registration
  • corporate tax registration
  • value added tax registration


Our Consultancy Services work closely with you to provide practical solutions…

…to help you grow your business profitability. We can assist you in the following areas:


Business Planning & Strategy

  • corporate objectives and strategies
  • long and short range planning
  • management audit
  • organisation studies
  • new business and feasibility studies

Financial Management & Control

Our consultants have a vast amount of experience in establishing, developing and enhancing financial, management accounting and integrated information systems for a wide range of clients. We specialise in:

  • financial analysis and planning
  • project planning
  • profit improvement and control
  • management information systems
  • financial modeling
  • business appraisal

Taxation Planning

  • Tax effective re-designation of business assets
  • Tax effective distribution of funds out of the company
  • Utilising relief’ s and allowances
  • Capital allowances


  • Maximising returns on balance sheet items
  • Exponential growth strategies
  • Leveraging business assets


Our Interim Management Group provides support for short-term in-house management requirements.

This involves the assignment of an appropriately experienced executive to your company on a full or part-time basis to fulfill a hands-on operational role.

The need for interim managers can arise at any time for many reasons. These reasons include;

  • Filling the management gap caused by the unplanned departure of a key manager, until such time as a permanent replacement can be found
  • Meeting a temporary requirement for additional management resources to implement a particular project, or change management process

Interim managers integrate with your existing team, and operate as part of your business for the duration of their contract (normally between one and six months).

It is also possible for the manager to assume an ongoing mentoring or advisory role by agreement in special circumstances.


Our Company Administration service advises, assists and acts on your behalf in all matters…

…relating to the legal affairs and statutory obligations of your company.

Our Company Administration Services are geared to assist our clients in managing their business from incorporation and corporate secretarial compliance, through to annual returns and payroll services. We will assist in ensuring that you meet both internal deadlines and territorial legal requirements.

Combined with our tax department we possess the expertise to deal with all areas of your company secretarial matters quickly and efficiently.

Company law compliance regulations have changed. If you do not comply with the recent changes you and your company will incur heavy penalties.

Our company secretarial services include:

  • advice and assistance with domestic and international company formations
  • registrations of sole traders, partnerships, foreign branches and companies
  • advice to companies seeking Stock Exchange compliance
  • maintenance of statutory company records
  • submission of statutory returns to the companies registrar
  • provision of Registered Office facilities
  • domain registration
  • statutory compliance reviews
  • advice on company restructuring, re-organisations, amalgamations and takeovers
  • provision of company searches on domestic and international companies
  • advise on general company secretarial issues
  • advice to foreign entities wishing to establish an Irish operation
  • ensuring compliance with and providing information on the constantly changing company legislation


We recognise the importance of Personal Financial Planning to our clients and ………….

Together with The MoneyButler Ltd, the leading independent financial advisers, we can help you find the most suitable product at the right price to meet your circumstances. Because we are independent we are not tied to any one specific company and can therefore offer impartial, trusted advice – ensuring the best result for you.


Amergin Consulting Ltd. provides comprehensive business and personal financial planning

Amergin Consulting provides you with a detailed, comprehensive and completely independent review and analysis of your financial situation.

We will put you in an informed position about your finances and investments and then build for you an innovative financial plan, incorporating both business and personal finances.

We will enable you to achieve your financial goals and objectives ensuring you build your wealth in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Our professional advisors have extensive experience in financial & taxation planning, banking, business development and accounting.

Our financial software offers unrivalled insight into all aspects of your finances and supports the provision of regular holistic reporting on your financial progress.

Our fee structure includes hourly rates and commissions, all of which will be fully explained and agreed with you at the outset. An initial meeting will be free of charge.

As a strategic partner of The Money Butler, a leading independent financial advisory company, Amergin Consulting provides you with access to the entire range of generic financial products available on the market1, as well as the opportunity to invest in one-off specialist products tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Amergin Consulting – our innovative services provide you with the tools you need to maximise your wealth.


We recognise the importance of Personal
Financial Planning to our clients and ………….

Our independent financial advisers can help you find the most suitable product at the right price to meet your circumstances. Because we are independent we are not tied to any one specific company and can therefore offer impartial, trusted advice – ensuring the best result for you.

We can advise you on decisions relating to:


Have you reviewed your investments recently to ensure that a proper balance between income and capital growth on the one hand and between security and risk on the other hand is maintained? Are tax shelter investments appropriate? Are you entitled to a refund on DIRT suffered on deposit interest? We can review your investments to ensure you are investing your money effectively to maximise the returns.


From special investment products, savings bonds and savings certificates, it is difficult to know the best option to suit you. We can explain the “ins and outs” of all products and help you decide on the best plan for you.

Retirement planning

The choices facing one at retirement are extremely important and without professional advice there is a danger that wrong decisions may be made which could have long-term implications. Good advice in this area calls for an intimate knowledge of the retiree’s affairs and of his or her aspirations. It also, however, calls for a comprehensive knowledge of taxation and for an ability to perform detailed and complex calculations. As accountants and financial advisers we can offer you all of these skills and have developed a sophisticated modeling system to enable you to consider different scenarios, with a view to formulating the plan that will best suit you.

Succession planning

Surviving through succession can be difficult for owner-managers and for the business and what’s more achieving a comfortable retirement can present even more of a challenge. Whether you intend to hand the business over to your family, sell up, or simply build up wealth for your retirement, it’s vital to take the right steps in the right direction at the right time. We can show you how.

Family protection

Your family unit is the most important asset you have therefore it needs protecting. Whether you chose life, private medical or critical illness insurance we can advise you on all the products of the major insurance companies ensuring the best result for you and your family.

Business protection

While most business people accept the need for insurance, most businesses are nevertheless uninsured, under-insured or insured with out of date policies. Experts usually advise that your planning should centre on insuring for a catastrophe. With this in mind, it is essential that your insurances covering fire, loss of profits, employer’s liability, public liability and product liability are correctly arranged with suitable sums insured or indemnity limits. Any business could suffer a major loss in any one of the fields mentioned above; under-insurance could threaten the future of the business or at the very least reduce its ability to trade.

Inheritance Tax

We can advise you how best to mitigate this tax and how best to structure your affairs to achieve your aims in terms of succession, with the least tax exposure. We have developed an unique and creative approach towards this problem, which is particularly suited to those who may have existing lump-sum investments.


Our tailored service provides the proprietor/director a distinctive approach to the complex issues…

…that arise between the individuals who own and manage a business and the business itself. By identifying the overlaps and potential conflicts between family, ownership and management goals, we help find solutions tailored to the owner-manager’s overall needs and circumstances.


Our Personal Financial Services include:


  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Residential Mortgages

Tax Planning

  • Taxshelters
  • Taxeffectivepropertypurchase

Retirement Planning

  • Planning for retirement income using all of your assets.


  • Leveraging existing assets to generate capital growth.
  • Alternative investment strategies to combat a falling market.
  • Wide variety of options including capital guaranteed investments, hedge funds and index tracking funds.


  • A complete examination of your assets to determine the financial position in the event of the death or long term illness of yourself or your spouse and a strategy formulated to deal with any shortfall identified, in a cost efficient manner.

CAT Plannning

  • Identification of the potential C.A.T. liability attaching to your assets based on your distribution plan either before or after your death.

Consolidated Reporting

  • Regular updated financial report including performance analysis and comparisons, current values, and real time recommendation.